"Make Our Club Beautiful" Exhibit Committee

The club maintains an ongoing, rotating exhibit of member photographs at The Woodfords Club where we meet. In order to allow maximum participation, the exhibit changes every 3-4 months and may include up to 20 images. This is a wonderful opportunity for members to display their work, and the Exhibit Committee is looking for enthusiastic member participation.

The prints will be on exhibit in the main meeting room where the Club meets as well as the small meeting room that we use on Skill Building nights. Both rooms are used on a regular basis by The Woodfords Club members as well as the public so there will be ample opportunity for the prints to be seen.

Print Requirements

We are looking forward to exhibiting a wide variety of images, not only in terms of subject but also in size and presentation format.

  • Prints should be ready to hang, at least 8x10 inches in size.
  • Maximum size is 30x36 inches for frames. Panoramas may be longer, up to 48 inches long.
  • Images can be matted and framed or mounted on a 1/4" soft core architectural board with a hanging string or wire taped to the back.
  • Images can also be on metal, wood, canvas or Artiplaq.
  • Each piece must have a sturdy hanging wire attached to the back of the image. Saw-tooth hangers are not acceptable.
  • No restrictions on mat or frame colors. It is up to the maker to decide how best to present the image.
  • Please provide the following information on a sheet affixed to the back of the mounted or framed image: 1) Title of Print, 2) Name of Maker, 3) Contact Phone Number and Email Address of Maker
  • Labels will be made by the Committee with this information and placed next to the print on the wall.
  • It is important to remember that sale transactions will be between the buyer and seller with no involvement of either the Portland Camera Club or The Woodfords Club. If someone is interested in purchasing a print, it will be up to the buyer to contact the seller directly for pricing, using the contact information on the labels of each print.
  • Responsibility of the prints will be that of the maker and not the Portland Camera Club or The Woodfords Club. Each PCC exhibitor will be asked to sign a form, outlining his/her understanding of these requirements.


If you are interested or have questions, please contact Richard Sawyer at richardsawyerphotography@gmail.com.