The One Shot Competition

The One Shot Competition is open to all members of the Portland Camera Club.  Entries are due by Wednesday, April 10.


  • Submit one picture for each of the 16 categories listed below. Interpret each category however you wish. Nouns can be pluralized.  For example, you could interpret category no. 5, FENCE, as either "fence" or "fences."
  • All images must have been taken on or after June 5, 2018. Older images are not allowed.
  • Images may be shot in RAW or JPG. If the image was shot in RAW, it must be converted to JPG. All entries must be JPGs.
  • Images can be modified in Photoshop or another image editor as follows:
    Okay Cropping, saturation, lightening or darkening, and sharpening.
    It's okay to use layers to do these changes if you want.
    Not Allowed Cloning, healing, multiple captures, or any form of copying and pasting. The content of the original images should not be changed. For example, moving a tree from the right side of the image to the left is not allowed. Nor is cloning out a branch or pasting in a new sky.
  • Submitted images must be the same size as in PCC competitions: 1920 px max width, 1080 px max height.
  • Name each image file you submit with the category number, your name, and the image title. For example, category no. 5 is "SHAPE," so a member named Ansel Adams would name his file
  • For the category TITLE SLIDE, the picture must clearly identify you, the photographer. For example, you could shoot a self-portrait for TITLE SLIDE.
  • You do not need to have an image for every category (there are 16 total). If you've only got, say, 12 entries, go ahead and enter!

Submitting Your Images

Submit your images online (click here for upload information) between April 1 and the deadline, April 10 or bring a thumbdrive or CD to the Monday April 8th meeting and give to George Sergeant or John Bald

All submitted images will be shown at the One Shot Competition meeting on April 22nd. The judges will pick a winner for each of the 16 categories.  Each winner will have a chance to become a millionaire....

Any questions: please see George Sergeant at a PCC meeting, or email George at

2019 One Shot Categories

Images must have been taken on or after June 5, 2018.

  1. TITLE SLIDE (identifies you, a self-portrait, etc.)
  2. TRIO
  3. CLOUD
  5. FENCE
  6. EYES
  7. HAT
  9. TINY
  11. ANGLES
  12. WATER
  15. SMOKE